Kaihua provides comprehensive solution for standby power generation from 10-3000kva on Data Center. Usually use standby power source when main power shut down. Our product is designed to work indoor/outdoor environment condition, and will be met the requirement of facility noise, safety, static electricity and electromagnetic interference standard.

High quality generator sets with auto control function, can be paralleled to reach desire power output, ATS equipment on every gen-set ensures immediate switch and start generator when city power shut down. With auto remote control function, gen-set real time operation parameters and state will be monitored, and machinery will give immediate alarm to monitor equipment when faulty occurred.

Industry characteristics:
Data process equipment placed within data center is the brain of the enterprise and the key equipment to maintain continuous power supply.

Product Requirements:
1. Working environment: the altitude is not higher than 1000 m; ambient environment temperature is -5℃~+40℃.
2. Noise requirement: low power range:  (not higher than 500kW), the noise is required within 65~75dB(A)/7m; high powerrange:  (above 500kW) noise is required within 75~90dB(A)/7m.
3. Safety measures: damp, water, dust and noise proof.
4. Performance guarantee: Stable operation and the power restoration time averagingat 20 seconds.

KAIHUA Gensets’ Advantages
1. Adopt world-famous engines and alternators with high reliability;
2. Prime generating sets can work continuously on load for 500 hours, withnon-fault time averaging at 2000-3000 hours, and fault restoration time averaging at 0.5 hour;
3. Intelligent monitoring, parallel and grid-connected technology realize the generating set power the most perfect black start seamless connection with city electricity.
4. Advanced weatherdust and sand proof design, marvelous spray coating technology and excellent tankenable generating sets to adapt to extremely hostile environment such as ultra-high and low temperature, high salt content and high humidity.

Tailored product designs and material selection can meet the requirements of various industries and fields

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