Control System
KAIHUA Standard Control Panel uses micro processing technique integrating digital, intelligent and network techniques, which can carry out functions including:
-Auto start/stop
-Auto/manual switch
-Data display:Voltage, current, frequency, load applied power measure,active power, average power, KWhr, Kvarhr,RPM,oil pressure Bar/PSI,Auxiliary analog output1,2,battery voltage, opporation time.
-Alarming,Warning, fault diagnose and communication to PC with RS485,RS232,USB port
-Optional CANbus communication port to read ECU engine data.
- Working Environment -40 to 70’C
The controller uses LCD display, optional Chinese and English display interface with easy and reliable operation.

  • Inteli Gen_NT
  • InteliGen-NTC
  • IC-NT-MINT-2013
  • HGM6120UC
  • HGM7120UC
  • HGM9510
  • Deepsea 7320
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